No Nama Keterangan
1 Loctite 495 20G Loctite 495 Instant Adhesive – General Purpose, Low Viscosity
Technical Data
Fixture Time: 5 20 Sec.
Colour: Colourless Transparent
Suited For Plastics
Suited For Polyolefines In Combination With Primer Loctite 770 Or Loctite 7239
Suited For Rubbers
Suited For Metals
Viscosity In Mpa S: 30
Service Temperature Range: -40 C To + 80 C
2 Loctite 596 Red High Temp Rtv Silicone Adhesiv Net 85G Loctite® Si 596 Red High Temp Rtv Silicone Adhesive Sealant Makes Gaskets That Resist Temperatures To 600F (315C) Intermittent. Resists Aging, Weather And Thermal Cycling Without Shrinking, Cracking Or Hardening. Fills Gaps To 0.25″.
Your Benefits
Resists Ageing, Weathering And Thermal Cycling Without Hardening, Shrinking Or Cracking
Typically Used In Applications With An Operating Range Of -50°C To +250°C
3 Loctite 5699 Grey Gasket Marker 80Ml

Gasketing Product – Tack-Free After 10 Min. Water-Glycol Resistance. Ideal For Use On Flexible Flanges, Machined Or Cast Surfaces, Metal Or Plastic.
Loctite Si 5699 Is A Flexible Silicone Sealant And Cures On Exposure To Moisture In The Air To Form A Tough Rubber Gasket. The Product Is Designed Primarily For Flange Sealing With Excellent Oil Resistance Or Rigid Flange Sealing For Example On Transmissions And Cast Metal Housings. It Is Tack-Free After Just 10 Min. The Product Is Water-Glycol Resistant And Can Be Used On Machined Or Cast Surfaces, Metal Or Plastic.
Your Benefits
Ideal For Sealing All Types Of Flanges Including Stamped Sheet Metal Covers Where Water-Glycol Resistance Is Required
Tack-Free After 10 Min.
P1 Nsf Reg. No.: 122998

Technical Data
Colour: Grey
Max. Gap Size: 1 Mm
Service Temperature Range: -55 To + 200C
Tensile Shear Strength In N / Mm: 1,7
Substrate To Be Sealed: Metals And Plastics
Skin Over Time: 30 Min.
Cure Through Volume In 24H [Mm]: 2

4 Loctite 401 Net 20G Loctite 401(40140) Prism 401 Adhesive (Low/Medium Viscosity),7 Oz.(20G) Bottle
Container Size:20 G
Container Type:Bottle
Cure Time:24 Hrs.
Fills Gaps Up To:
Initial Bonding Time:15S
Maximum Gap Fill:0.005″
Size:20 Gram Bottle
Temperature Range:-65 To 180F
Type:General-Purpose/Surface Insensitive
Type 3:401
5 Loctite 406 Net 20G Loctite 406 Instant Adhesive – Low Viscosity, Plastics & Rubber
Loctite 406 Is Designed For Bonding Of Plastics And Elastomeric Materials Where Very Fast Fixturing Is Required.
Your Benefit
Resists Temperatures Up To 120 C!
Rapid Bonding Of Plastics, Rubbers, Including Epdm, And Elastomers
Loctite 770 Or Loctite 7239 Polyolefin Primer Improves Bonding On Difficult To Bond Substrates
Technical Data
Fixture Time: 2 – 10 Sec.
Colour: Colourless Transparent
Well Suited For Plastics
Well Suited For Polyolefines In Combination With Primer Loctite 770 Or Loctite 7239
Well Suited For Rubbers
Suited For Metals
Viscosity In Mpa S: 20
Service Temperature Range: -40 C To + 120 C
6 Loctite Rtv 598 Black Net 85G Features:
Seals Joined Parts In Automotive Systems – Prevents Leakage Of Antifreeze, Air, Oil And Transmission Fluid
Meets Manufacturers’ Warranty Requirements
Resists Oil Better Than Other Silicone Gasket Makers
Won’T Interfere With Sensors
Won’T Corrode
Resists Vibration
Made In The Usa
Quantity: 2.7-Fl Oz Tube (80 Ml)
Tack-Free Cure (Time Required To Dry Past Tacky State): 30 Minutes
Full Cure (Time Required To Reach Full Set): 24 Hours
Temperature Range (Endurance Limits Of The Gasket Maker): -75 F To 625 F
Ideal Gap-Filling Capacity (Gap Sizes In Which Gasket Maker Performs Best): 0.001″ To 0.125″
Maximum Gap-Filling Capacity (Maximum Gap Size Between Joined Parts): 0.240″
Applications: Valve Covers, Oil Pans, Timing Covers, Water Pumps And Thermostat Housings
7 Loctite Electrical Contact & Parts Cleaner Loctite® Electrical Contact & Parts Cleaner, Fast-Evaporating Cleaner Removes Grease, Oil, And Contaminantsfrom Electrical Parts And Mechanical Equipment. Contains No Cfcs Orhcfcs And Is Safe On Most Plastics.Non- Conductive, Non-Corrosive.
8 Loctite 592 Persetujuan / Spesifikasi Badancfia Tercantumwarnaputihcure Typeobat Anaerobikkarakteristik Utamasuhu: Suhu Tinggi, Reposisiable, Kekuatan: Kekuatan Sedangjumlah Komponen1 Bagianbentuk Fisikcairtekanan Perlawanan (Psi)10000Rentang Suhu ( F)-65 Sampai 400Viskositas (Brookfield Mpa.S (Cp))350000Suhu Viskositas ( C)25Suhu Viskositas ( F)77
9 Loctite 565 Withstands Temperature To 400F With Excellent Solvent Resistance. Locks And Seals Tapered Pipe Threads And Fittings, Including High Pressure Application. Disassemblies With Hand Tools.
Loctite 565 Thread Pipe Sealant
Top Pick Loctite 565 Thread Sealant, Controlled Strength, Is Formulated Specifically For Metal Tapered Pipe Thread Fittings. Controlled Lubricity Prevents Galling And Protects From Rust And Corrosion. Loctite 565 Replaces Most Tapes And Pipe Dopes. Cures Rapidly To Withstand 10,000 Psi. Perfect As A Replacement For Pre-Coated Parts. Can Be Used On Fittings Up To 2 In. (50 Mm) In Diameter. Csa 3319-81 And 3319-01. Ul Mh007(N). Nsf/Ansi 61 Certified. Ulc-Canada Approved. Cfia Approved.
10 Loctite 567 Loctite 567 Pst Thread Sealant With Ptfe
Top Pick Loctite 567 Pst Thread Sealant With Ptfe Is A General Purpose Instant Sealer For Tapered And Straight/Tapered Fittings. Controlled Strength For Easy Disassembly. It Has Excellent Solvent Resistance, Allows Easy Assembly, Prevents Galling And Can Withstand Temperatures Up To 400 F (204 C). Excellent For High Pressure Applications: Locks And Seals Tapered Metal, Pipe Threads And Fittings. Ideal For Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Galvanized Metal And Other Inert Metals. Disassembles With Hand Tools. Csa 3319-81 And 3319-01. Ul Mh007(N). Nsf/Ansi 61 Certified. Ulc-Canada Approved. Cfia Approved.
11 Loctite 350 Uv Net 50 Ml Loctite 350 Light Cure Adhesive – Kelembaban Dan Ketahanan Kimia Yang Tinggi
12 Loctite 262 Net 50 Ml Loctite 262 Threadlocker,Medium High Strength
Permanent Sealing Products Ideal For Use Fasteners Up To 3/4″ In Diameter.
Threadlockers Come With High Lubrication For Trouble-Free Assembly.
Adhesives, Sealants & Tapes Can Be Used In Extreme Chemical And Environmental Conditions.
Excellent For Stopping Rust And Corrosion From Forming In These Adverse Conditions.
Available In 10Ml Tubes, 50Ml Bottles And 250Ml Bottles.
Red Colored Threadlockers Compatible With Most Metals.
13 Loctite 243 Net 50 Ml Henkel Loctite 243 Blue Threadlocker Is A Medium Viscosity, Medium Strength Anaerobic Material Designed For Locking And Sealing Of Threaded Fastener Which Require Normal Disassembly With Standard Hand Tools. It Offers High Temperature Performance And Oil Tolerance. 50 Ml Bottle.
14 Loctite 271 Threadlocker Net 50 Ml Loctite Red Threadlocker 271 (Automotive Aftermarket Only) Is A High Strength Threadlocker For Heavy-Duty Applications. Especially Well Suited For Permanently Locking Studs And Press Fits. Adds 3,000 Psi Holding Power On Slip And Press Fit Assemblies. Typical Applications: Frame Brackets, Suspension Fasteners, Shock Absorber Mounts, Wheel Studs
15 Loctite 510 Net 50 Ml Henkel Loctite 510 Gasket Eliminator Is A Thixotropic, Anaerobic Sealant That Forms A Flexible, Solvent Resistant Seal That Will Not Tear Or Decay. It Is Used As A Form-In-Place Gasket On Rigid Flanged Connections. 50Ml Cartridge.
16 Loctite 222 Net 50 Ml Recommended For Low-Strength Threadlocking Of Adjustment Screws, Countersunk Head Screws, And Set Screws; On Collar, Pulleys, Tool Holders, And Controllers. Also For Low Strenght Metals Such As Aluminium Or Brass. Mil-Spec (S-46163A) Type Ii, Grade M.
17 Loctite 277 Net 50 Ml High Strength, High Viscosity, Large Threads Threadlocker.
Designed For The Permanent Locking And Sealing Of Threaded Fasteners. The Product Cures When Confined In The Absence Of Air Between Close Fitting Metal Surfaces And Prevents Loosening And Leakage From Shock And Vibration. Typical Applications Include The Locking And Sealing Of Large Bolts And Studs (M25 And Larger)
18 Loctite 242 Net 50 Ml Agency Approvals / Specifications Mil-S-46163A For Existing Designs, Astm D-5363, Nsf/Ansi 61, Nsf P1, Abs, Cfia Listed
Color Blue
Cure Type Anaerobic Cure
Fixture Time 5 Min.
Full Cure Temperature (C) 25
Full Cure Temperature (F) 77
Full Cure Time 24 Hr.
Key Characteristics Disassembly: Removable, Strength: Medium Strength, Thixotropic
Number Of Components 1 Part
Physical Form Liquid
Specific Gravity (G/L @ 25C) 1.07
Temperature Range (C) -54 To 149
Temperature Range (F) -65 To 300
Thread Size (Maximum) (In.) 3/4
Thread Size (Maximum) M M36
Torque Break On M10 Steel (In./Lb.) 110
Torque Prevail On M10 Steel (In./Lb.) 43
Viscosity Range (Brookfield Mpa.S (Cp)) 1200 To 5000
Viscosity Temperature (C) 25
Viscosity Temperature (F) 77
19 Loctite 680 Retaining Compound Net 50 Ml Loctite 680 Retaining Compound
Top Pick Loctite 680 Is A High Strength, High Viscosity Room Temperature Curing Adhesive Used To Join Fitted Cylindrical Parts. It Fixtures In 10 Minutes And Provides A Shear Strength Of 4,000 Psi. Capable Of Filling Diametral Gaps Up To 0.015 In. (0.38 Mm). Loctite 680 Allows Relaxed Machining Tolerances, And Replaces Clamp Rings, Set Screws, And Snap Rings. Gives Best Resistance To Dynamic, Axial And Radial Loads. Recommended For Retaining Shafts, Gears, Pulleys And Similar Cylindrical Parts. Nsf/Ansi 61 Certified. Abs Approved.
20 Loctite 290 Net 50 Ml Loctite 290 Is Designed For The Locking And Sealing Of Threaded Fasteners. Because Of Its Low Viscosity And Capillary Action, The Product Wicks Between Engaged Threads And Eliminates The Need To Disassemble Prior To Application. The Product Can Also Fill Porosity In Welds, Casting And Powder Metal Parts
21 Loctite 638 Net 50 Ml Loctite 638 Retaining Compound – Slip Fit/Maximum Strength
Maximum Strength. For Use Where High Dynamic Force Or Cyclic Loading Is Expected. Locks Sylindrical Assemblies Up To 0.015 (0.38 Mm) Diameter Clearance. Fixtures In 10 Minutes
22 Loctite 577 Thread Sealant Agency Approvals
Color: Yellow
Cure Type:Anaerobic Cure
Key Characteristics: Strength: Medium Strength, Thixotropic, General Purpose
Physical Form: Liquid
Specific Gravity: 1.1
Breakaway Torque (Iso 10964): 15 Nm (M10 Stainless Steel Nuts And Bolts)
Pressure Resistance (Psi): 10000
Substrates: Metal, Metal: Steel – Galvanized Steel, Metal: Steel – Stainless Steel, Metal: Aluminum
Temperature Range (C): -54 To 150
Temperature Range (F): -65 To 300
Thread Size (Maximum) M: M80
Thread Size (Maximum) R: R3
Viscosity Range (Brookfield Mpa.S (Cp)): 70,000 To 130,000
Viscosity Temperature (C): 25
Viscosity Temperature (F): 77
23 Loctite 609 Net 50 Ml Loctite 609 Is A Low Viscosity, Rapid-Curing Anaerobic Adhesive That Augments The Strength Of Press Fit Assemblies Or Slip Fit Assemblies Up To 0.005″In Diameter. Adds Up To 3,000 Psi Holding Power. Recommended For Parts That Will Need Subsequent Dismantling, I.E., Retention Of Bearings Onto Shafts And Into Housings.
Technical Data:Typical Applications: Augment Press Fits
Viscosity: 125Cp
Cure Time: Fixture – 10 Minutes Full – 24 Hours
Max Gap Fill: 0.12Mm
Temperature Resistance: 150C
Shear Strength: 15.8 /Mm2
24 Loctite 596 Flange Sealant Loctite Si 596 Red High Temp Rtv Silicone Adhesive Sealant Makes Gaskets That Resist Temperatures To 600F (315C) Intermittent. Resists Aging, Weather And Thermal Cycling Without Shrinking, Cracking Or Hardening. Fills Gaps To 0.25″.
Your Benefits
Resists Ageing, Weathering And Thermal Cycling Without Hardening, Shrinking Or Cracking
Typically Used In Applications With An Operating Range Of -50C To +250C
25 Loctite 545 Penyambungan Pipa Dengan Ulir Halus, Instalasi Hidrolik & Pneumatik Atau Penyambungan Yang Kecil. Sertifikat Abs Dan Cfia.
Recommended For Fine Threaded Fittings As Used In Hydraulic And Pneumatic Installations And Small Fittings In General. Abs Approved. Cfia Approved.
Keunggulan :
Menggantikan Isolasi Dan Pasta
Cairan,Memastikan Menyekat Kebocoran 100%
Cairan,Tidak Menetes,Menyusut Atau Menghambat Sistem Aliran (Termasuk Pada Filter)
Pelepasan Dapat Dilakukan Dengan Mudah Dengan Tang / Perkakas Tangan
26 Loctite 272 Net 50 Ml Loctite 272 Is A Single Component, Anaerobic Threadlocking Material; It Develops High Strength And High Temperature Resistance, Cures When Confined In The Absence Of Air Between Close Fitting Metal Surfaces And Has A Secondary Activator Cure That May Effect Bond Performance. 50 Ml Bottle,27240,
27 Loctite Freeze & Release Loctite Freeze And Release Merupakan Inovasi Produk Lubricant Dari Henkel Yang Berfungsi Untuk Membuka Baut-Baut Yang Tidak Bisa Dibuka Karena Karat.
Cara Kerja Produk Ini Adalah Dengan Mendinginkan Baut Sampai Suhu -43 Derajat C, Sehingga Baut Akan Menyusut Sementara Dan Terjadi Crack Antara Baut, Karat, Dan Rumah Baut. Dengan Adanya Crack Ini Maka Baut Akan Menjadi Mudah Dibuka Karena Karat Sudah Retak.
Pemakaiannya Pun Cukup Irit, Dan Mendinginkan Dalam Wakt 15 Detik.
Dengan Menggunkan Produk Ini Maka Anda Tidak Perlu Menggunakan Metode Lama Untuk Membuka Baut Yang Berkarat, Dan Juga Dapat Menghemat Waktu Anda Dalam Proses Maintenance.
Contoh Aplikasi :
– Membuka Baut Piringan Rem Mobil
– Membuka Baut Boiler
– Membuka Baut Case Pompa
– Membuka Baut Gearbox
28 Loctite Silver Grade Anti Seize Metal Lb 8150 Net 236 Ml Loctite Silver Grade Anti-Seize Is A Heavy Duty, Temperature Resistant, Pertroleum-Based Lubricant Compound Fortified With Graphite And Metallic Flake. Inert, Will Not Evaporate Or Harden In Extreme Cold Or Heat. For Use In Assemblies To 1600F (870C).
29 Loctite 326 Speedbonder Net 50 Ml Loctite® 326™ Speedbonder™ Structural Adhesive, Fast Fixture Is A Multi-Surface, Fast Setting, Two Step Acrylic, No Mixing Required, Transparent Brown Structural Adhesive. Loctite 326, When Used In Conjunction With Loctite 7649™ Primer N™, Is An All-Purpose Bonder With Excellent Solvent Resistance And A Fast, 1-Minute Fixture Time.
30 Loctite 770 Primer 1.75 Fl Oz Loctite Sf 770 Adalah Primer Yang Digunakan Untuk Membuat Poliolefin Dan Permukaan Berenergi Rendah Lainnya Yang Sesuai Untuk Ikatan Dengan Perekat Instan Loctite. Kinerja Yang Disembuhkan Dari Perekat Instan Loctite Dipastikan Pada Permukaan Yang Diobati. Ini Hanya Direkomendasikan Untuk Substrat Sulit-Untuk-Ikatan Yang Meliputi Polietilena, Polipropilena, Polytetrafluoroethylene (Ptfe) Dan Bahan Karet Termoplastik. Loctite Sf 770 Tidak Disarankan Di Rakitan Dimana Diperlukan Kekuatan Kulit Yang Tinggi.
31 Loctite C5-A Copper Anti-Seize Lb 8008 Net 453,6 G Loctite C5-A Copper Anti-Seize Loctite C5-A Copper Anti-Seize, Tembaga, Tujuan Tembaga Perakitan Pasta Umum, Memungkinkan Aplikasi Cuaca Dingin Untuk Suku Cadang Untuk Pemeliharaan Sepanjang Tahun, Dan Merebut Pada Suhu Ke 1796 F (980 C).
32 Loctite Silver Grade Anti-Seize Lb 8009 Net 453,6 G Loctite Silver Grade Anti-Seize Is A Heavy Duty, Temperature Resistant, Pertroleum-Based Lubricant Compound Fortified With Graphite And Metallic Flake. Inert, Will Not Evaporate Or Harden In Extreme Cold Or Heat. For Use In Assemblies To 1600F (870C). Mil Spec: Mil-Prf-907F
33 Loctite 640 Net 50Ml Loctite 640 High Strength, Good Temperature Resistance, Slow Curing Retainer
Your Benefits
Slow Cure
Ideal For Parts With Longer Positioning Time, E.G. Larger Diameters
Also For Active Metals, Like Brass Components
Technical Data
Diametrical Clearance: Up To 0.1 Mm#
Tensile Shear Strength: 22 N/Mm
Service Temperature Range: -55C To +175C
Fixture Time On Steel: 2 H
Pack Sizes: 50Ml
34 Loctite 480 Instant Adhesive 20G Loctite 480 Prism Low Viscosity,Black,Rubber Toughened,One Part,Room Temperature Cure,Instant Adhesive Designed For Oem Assembly Metal,Rubber And Selected Plastics.Excellent Peel,Impact And Sheer Strength. Nsf-61 Approved.
35 Loctite 572 Net 50Ml Loctite 572 Thread Sealant Is A Low Strength Sealant With Moderate Fixture Speed For Use On Coarse Strength Thread Sealant For Coarse Threads On Metal Pipes And Fittings. Slow Curing To Allow Adjustment After Sealant Application.
Loctite 572 Is A White To Off-White, Medium Strength, Methacrylate-Based Thread Sealant For Metal Pipes And Fittings. Suitable For Coarse Threads, It Offers A Breakaway Torque Of 7 Nm. Slow Curing Attributes Allow Users To Adjust The Alignment Of Fittings. Suitable For Thread Sizes Up To M80, It Is Thixotropic To Reduce Migration After Application.
Slow Curing To Allow Fittings Adjustment
Designed For Metal Pipes And Fittings
Suitable For Coarse Threads
Medium Strength
Isi 50 Ml
36 Loctite 7649 Primer Net 4,5 Oz Loctite 7649 Digunakan Untuk Cleaner Sekaligus Primer Yang Berfungsi Menyempurnakan Pada Proses Bonding Stainless & Aluminium.
37 Loctite 7649 Primer N Net 4,5 Oz Ukuran 50Ml
Bahan Dasar Aseton
Kegunaan Mempercepat Proses Pengeringan Lem Baud Sehingga Hanya Menjadi 30-70 Detik.
Warna Hijau
Keterangan Mempercepat Proses Pengeringan Untuk Aplikasi Pada Suhu Rendah Atau Pada Celah Yang Melebihi Rekomendasi Normal.
38 Loctite Heavy Duty Anti Seize Net 510G Loctite Lb 8009 Is A Metal-Free Anti-Seize Lubricant With Graphite And Calcium Fluoride In A Brush Top Form. Provides Outstanding Lubrication To All Metals Including Stainless Steel, Aluminum And Soft Metals. Resistant To Extremely High Temperatures Up To +1,315C. It Has An Nlgi Grade Of 1.
Your Benefits
Resistant To Very High Temperatures Up To +1,315C
Unique Brush Top
It Has An Nlgi Grade Of 1
Outstanding Lubrication For All Metals Including Stainless Steel, Aluminum And Soft Metals.
39 Loctite Moly-50 Net 453,6 G Henkel Loctite Moly-50 Is A Metal-Free, General Purpose Thread Lubricant That Can Be Used Machine Threads, Tapered Pipe Threads, For Press-Fit And Slip-Fit Joints. 1 Lb Can.
40 Loctite Loctite 243 Adhesive threadlocker Perekat Lem
Loctite 271 Mil Spec Low Viscosity High Strength, Red Threadlocker
Loctite 222 Threadlocking Adhesive
Loctite 242 Blue Threadlocker Medium Strength MIL SPEC adhesive
Loctite 262 Threadlocker
Loctite 263 Threadlocker
Loctite 545 Thread sealant
Loctite 638 Retaining compunds Perekat Lem
Loctite 609 Retaining compunds Perekat Lem
Loctite 272 Threadlocker
Loctite 569 Adhesive cair untuk thread sealant
Loctite 648 Retaining compunds
Loctite 680 cairan akrilik ester Perekat Lem
Loctite 277 Perekat Lem
Loctite 290 threadlocker cair medium
Loctite 603 Retaining Compound
Loctite 542 Thread Sealant
Loctite 641 Retaining Compound
Loctite 620 Retaining Compound
Loctite AA 326 perekat struktural
Loctite AA 324 perekat Urethane
Loctite 495 Instant adhesive Perekat Lem
Loctite 401 Instant adhesive Perekat Lem
Loctite 404 Instant adhesive Perekat Lem
Loctite 460 Instant adhesive Perekat Lem
Loctite 415 Instant adhesive Perekat Lem
Loctite 480 Instant adhesive Perekat Lem
Loctite 380 Instant adhesive Perekat Lem
Loctite 416 Instant adhesive Perekat Lem
Loctite 406 Instant adhesive Perekat Lem
Loctite 435 Instant adhesive Perekat Lem
Loctite 403 Instant adhesive Perekat Lem
Loctite 565 Thread sealant akrilik
Loctite 515 Gasket untuk flange logam
Loctite 510 Gasket untuk flange
Loctite 577 Thread Sealant
Loctite 567 Thread Sealant
Loctite 660 cylindrical fitting parts
Loctite 572 Sealant ulir
Loctite SI 5699 sealant silikon Gasket
Loctite SI 587 Pasta silikon
Loctite 454 Perekat Instan
Loctite 592 pasta ulir lumasan ester
Loctite EA 3463 perekat epoksi
Loctite 574 Sambungan penutup-fitting Perekat Lem
Loctite SI 596 Silicone sealant berwarna merah
Loctite PC 9660
Loctite HY 4070
Loctite HY 4060 GY
Loctite SF 7070
Loctite SF 790
Loctite HY 4080
Loctite 518 Flange Sealant
Loctite LB ML-11 Multi Purpose Manaintain Lube
Loctite 5127 High Flex Gasket Maker Methacrylate
Loctite LB 8150 Silver Grade Anti seize
Loctite LB 8008 C5-A Copper Based anti seize lubricant
Loctite LB 8023 Marine Grade Anti seize
Loctite LB 771 Nickel Anti seize
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Banten, Lebak, Pandeglang, Serang, Tangerang, Cilegon, Serang, Tangerang, Tangerang Selatan,
Jawa Barat, Soreang, Bandung Barat, Bekasi, Bogor, Ciamis, Cianjur, Cirebon, Garut, Indramayu, Karawang, Kuningan, Majalengka, Pangandaran, Purwakarta, Subang, Sukabumi, Sumedang, Tasikmalaya, Bandung, Banjar, Bekasi, Bogor, Cimahi, Cirebon, Depok, Sukabumi, Tasikmalaya,
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Bali, Badung, Bangli, Buleleng, Gianyar, Jembrana, Karangasem, Klungkung, Tabanan, Denpasar
Nusa Tenggara Barat, Bima, Dompu, Lombok Barat, Lombok Tengah, Lombok Timur, Lombok Utara, Sumbawa, Sumbawa Barat, Bima, Mataram
Nusa Tenggara Timur, Alor, Belu, Ende, Flores Timur, Kupang, Lembata, Malaka, Manggarai, Manggarai Barat, Manggarai Timur, Nagekeo, Ngada, Rote Ndao, Sabu Raijua, Sikka, Sumba Barat, Sumba Barat Daya, Sumba Tengah, Sumba Timur, Timor Tengah Selatan, Timor Tengah Utara, Kupang
Sulawesi Barat, Majene, Mamasa, Mamuju, Mamuju Tengah, Pasangkayu, Polewali Mandar
Sulawesi Selatan, Bantaeng, Barru, Bone, Bulukumba, Enrekang, Gowa, Jeneponto, Kepulauan Selayar, Luwu, Luwu Timur, Luwu Utara, Maros, Pangkajene dan Kepulauan, Pinrang, Sidenreng Rappang, Sinjai, Soppeng, Takalar, Tana Toraja, Toraja Utara, Wajo, Makassar, Palopo, Parepare
Sulawesi Tengah, Banggai, Banggai Kepulauan, Banggai Laut, Buol, Donggala, Morowali, Morowali Utara, Parigi Moutong, Poso, Sigi, Tojo Una-Una, Tolitoli, Palu
Sulawesi Tenggara, Bombana, Buton, Buton Selatan, Buton Tengah, Buton Utara, Kolaka, Kolaka Timur, Kolaka Utara, Konawe, Konawe Kepulauan, Konawe Selatan, Konawe Utara, Muna, Muna Barat, Wakatobi, Bau-Bau, Kendari
Sulawesi Utara, Bolaang Mongondow, Bolaang Mongondow Selatan, Bolaang Mongondow Timur, Bolaang Mongondow Utara, Sangihe, Siau Tagulandang Biaro, Talaud, Minahasa, Minahasa Selatan, Minahasa Tenggara, Minahasa Utara, Bitung, Kotamobagu, Manado, Tomohon
Gorontalo, Boalemo, Bone Bolango, Gorontalo, Gorontalo Utara, Pohuwato
Maluku, Buru, Buru Selatan, Kepulauan Aru, Maluku Barat Daya, Maluku Tengah, Maluku Tenggara, Kepulauan Tanimbar, Seram Bagian Barat, Seram Bagian Timur, Ambon, Tual
Maluku Utara, Halmahera Barat, Halmahera Tengah, Halmahera Timur, Halmahera Selatan, Halmahera Utara, Kepulauan Sula, Pulau Morotai, Pulau Taliabu, Ternate, Tidore
Papua Barat, Fakfak, Kaimana, Manokwari, Manokwari Selatan, Maybrat, Pegunungan Arfak, Raja Ampat, Sorong, Sorong Selatan, Tambrauw, Teluk Bintuni, Teluk Wondama, Sorong
Papua, Asmat, Biak Numfor, Boven Digoel, Deiyai, Dogiyai, Intan Jaya, Jayapura, Jayawijaya, Keerom, Kepulauan Yapen, Lanny Jaya, Mamberamo Raya, Mamberamo Tengah, Mappi, Merauke, Mimika, Nabire, Nduga, Paniai, Pegunungan Bintang, Puncak, Puncak Jaya, Sarmi, Supiori, Tolikara, Waropen, Yahukimo, Yalimo
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